Our Story

My husband and I found ourselves in a healing crisis 8 years ago. Our journey was fraught with one disappointment after another until we could find the right practitioner, the right supplements and the right modalities to support the work.

With that Pure Relevance was created with wellness in mind. We believe that there should be a place where answers can be direct and validated, where technology can truly support your life while providing answers and guidance with a community you are worthy to be a part of.

May our journey be your wellness.

With love,

Arianna Harrloh, Chief Strategist
Pure Relevance LLC

Our Core Values


Awareness of Growth

We constantly expand our awareness of the communities we help, especially as they grow and their needs evolve.


Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to providing a seamless and safe user experience throughout all of our products and our entire platform.


Platform to foster Community-Building

We are creating the holistic online destination platform, designed specifically to foster the concept of global community-building.


Raise Consciousness to Evolve

As our awareness expands with the evolution of our communities, we look for opportunities to raise our own consciousness and meet their growing demands.


Empowerment of People

We design and develop products that empower the people of our communities with technology, making them true partners in life.


Technology Integrated into Life

We are passionate about understanding what is important to make life easier for our community members. We design products to seamlessly integrate into our daily lives to help make life free from concern.


Professional Integrity & Trust

We are not in the business of selling your information for advertising or solicitation purposes, whether it be your email address or your personal data.


Technology with Intention

Our intention is to design complete technology-based solutions while delivering the best user experience for everything we develop.


Mindfulness of Multi-Perspectives

All of our enhancements and updates are defined, reviewed, planned and executed in a mindful manner, ensuring a seamless user experience and backwards/cross-platform compatibility.


Purposeful Solutions

Our solutions are designed for a specific purpose, delivering complex functionality bolstered by intuitive usability.


Safety is about Customer Support & Internet Security

We are vigilant about Customer Support and Internet Security and leverage infrastructure, platforms and an extensive knowledge base to provide as safe an environment as possible for our communities while always seeking newer, better and more efficient ways to serve.


Streamlining for Simplicity

Emphasized by our philosophical approach to designing solutions, our methodology enforces simplicity in our design, reinforcing our goal of making life simpler, not more complex.


True Solutions as a result of Problem-Solving

We design complete solutions for problems, not quick-fix patches for symptoms. This is our approach to everything we do, which only ensures that our products are designed as full solutions.