Pure Structure

Pure Structure = Business Empowerment

Pure Structure empowers founders, executives and entrepreneurs with a complete framework for mastering their enterprise. Drawing on decades of experience implementing structures across a wide array of industries for organizations of all sizes - including private enterprises and many Fortune and Global 500 companies - we have defined a single bespoke service offering that is applicable to any industry and at any scale.

We work with each of our clients organically to develop their own comprehensive structure. This Pure Structure empowers them with the depth of insight and perspective necessary to execute key initiatives with precision and efficiency. Our proven methodology enables local, regional and global organizations to understand how to evaluate and align action across all areas of their business, be it an enterprise of one or of many.

Pure Structure is the Foundation of Success

In today's market there is much emphasis on how an organization makes money – income potential is seen as the key to unlocking the doors to credit. While we agree that monetization is an essential factor for business, it will not tell you how your business should be structured or how it can operate efficiently.

In time enterprises learn there is more to operating a business than managing numbers. Without understanding what is truly needed, key decision-makers turn to ”canned“ business strategies and ”off-the-shelf“ enterprise software to help. They typically wind up with a less-than-purposeful solution designed to correct an already outdated problem.

Pure Structure would first create a basal structure to provide you with a complete understanding of how to operate your business effectively. A comprehensive structure is the critical factor to successfully managing your enterprise.

Pure Structure explores with key decision-makers every aspect of their enterprise to define an optimal structure. Pure Structure will empower you with a multi-dimensional view of your enterprise, allowing you to fully comprehend all aspects of your business. Armed with this perspective, you will have the ability to drill-down into each aspect without the need for additional resources. This also enables us to clearly identify your enterprise's top priorities and implement effective long-term solutions that will have an immediate and positive impact throughout your organization.

Pure Structure Defines Value in Every Aspect

Pure Structure helps organizations maximize their exchange of value beyond just financial outcomes, which reflect only a portion of their overall welfare.

Pure Structure understands how organizations can create meaningful benefits for all the people involved in their business and helps enterprises manage the cycle of need and fulfillment while still exceeding financial responsibilities. Value exchange occurs in every part of a business and is not limited to just its delivery of a product or service.

Pure Structure defines and optimizes value in every aspect of an enterprise. Through our proven methodology, we leverage our extensive knowledgebase, targeted research, and domain expertise in project development, restructuring and implementation. This ensures solutions to specific problems are always properly contextualized and never obscure underlying objectives.

Shifting from a money-centric to a value-centric perspective provides a much more integrated and holistic understanding of an organization. This then becomes a springboard to identifying opportunities to implement significant improvements in efficiency and profitability.

How Pure Structure Works

We follow a three-phased approach to define, develop and implement structures that empower our clients to rapidly develop and execute robust plans of action. With Pure Structure, you receive a tailor-made framework and semantic map of your business, which then serves as the fulcrum to facilitate the continuous evolution of your organization through any implementation necessary.

Phase 1: Fact-Finding

Discovery and Analysis

We learn about your business in all aspects and from all perspectives. Key influencing factors include: Target Goals, Information and Metadata, Existing Structure, Existing Resources, Existing Products/Services, Logistics and Target Audience.

Phase 2: Pure Structure

Framework / Semantic Map

Pure Structure is a bespoke framework and semantic map of a business. We develop a business structure centered on value creation and a unifying vision.

Phase 3: Business Implementation


As the primary reference source of a business, Pure Structure drives the execution of a wide array of business implementation. We apply our expertise to manage and deliver any of the following service offerings, which can be added-on as needed:

1 Business Development
  • Profit / Monetization Model
  • Business Methodology
2 Product Development
  • Product / Service Development
  • Application / Software Development
  • Content Development
3 Operational Development
  • Organizational Modeling
  • Application / Systems Implementation
  • Facilities / Infrastructure Planning & Implementation
  • Logistical Workflow Modeling
  • Customer Support Workflow Modeling
  • Internal Operational Workflow Modeling
4 Communi­cations / Public Relations
  • Web Presence (website content and format)
  • Social Media Presence (social media venues)
  • Public Profile
  • Speaking Engagements
5 Sales & Marketing
  • Sales Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • SEM / SEO (Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization)
6 Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Operations / Technology Assessment
  • Current-State, Future-State Transition Event Modeling
  • Day One, Day Two Planning
  • Transition Event Preparedness & Cutover
7 Restructuring
  • Business Development
  • Product Development
  • Operational Development
  • Communications / Public Relations
  • Sales and Marketing
8Special Programs & Projects
  • Governance & Regulatory
  • Internal Programs
  • Other Programs or Project-based initiatives specific to a business

Competencies and Expertise

  • Industry Expertise

    • Advertising, Corporate Communications, International Business, Public Relations
    • Broadcasting, Entertainment, Media, Motion Pictures, New Media, Publishing
    • Journalism, News
    • Capital Markets, Credit Markets, Financial Services, Foreign Exchange, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital
    • Aerospace, Education, Engineering, Insurance, Legal, Life Sciences
    • Apparel & Fashion, Luxury Goods, Travel
    • Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing, Procurement, Retail, Supply Chain
    • Human Resources, Recruiting & Staffing, Regulatory & Risk Management
    • Information Technology, Telecommunications
  • Business, Sales and Marketing Development

    • Profit/Monetization Models
    • Methodology Development
    • Sales Strategy
    • Business Development
    • Salesforce Management
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Website Design and Development
  • Product Development (Software, Apps, Mobile Apps, Publications, Services)

    • Discovery, Analysis, Assessment
    • Requirements, Specifications, Documentation
    • Project/Program Management
    • Application Development
    • Quality Assurance, Beta Testing
    • Production Delivery, User Support
    • Product Version Management
  • Operational Development

    • Current-State Organizational Analysis
    • Future-State Organization Recommendation and Implementation
    • Functional Role and Department Analysis and Development
    • Functional Workflow Analysis and Development
    • Resource Management
  • Communication and Public Relations

    • Corporate Communications
    • Crisis Management
    • Communications Campaigns
    • Public Relations Campaigns
    • Image Consulting
  • Information Management

    • Reference Data Architectures
    • Database Design and Development
    • Data and Database Migration
    • Content Management, Digital Asset Management (file repository, file-sharing)
    • Collaboration and Communication (email, text messaging/MMS/SMS, wiki, voice & video messaging)
  • Infrastructure Management

    • Current-state Infrastructure Analysis
    • Future-state Infrastructure Recommendation / Implementation
    • Data Center Consolidation/Migration
    • On-Premises to Public Cloud / Private Cloud to Public Cloud / On-Premises to Private Cloud Migrations
    • Public Cloud / Private Cloud / Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures
  • Program / Project Management

    • Program Management
    • Project Management
    • Goal/Intention Setting
    • Portfolio Development
    • Milestone and Progress Reporting

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